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Swipe & Save

Save money with your morning coffee with MCB's Swipe & Save feature. All you need is a checking account, a debit card and a savings account.

It makes saving money simple. The difference between your debit card purchase amount and the next whole dollar will transfer from your checking account to your designated savings account.

Example: When you spend $2.57 on a cup of coffee, we transfer $ .43 to your savings account.

It Just Makes Cents

Sign up for Swipe & Save and your savings account becomes that place you throw your loose change. Every time you or a joint owner on your checking account swipe your debit card the difference between the purchase price & the next whole dollar transfers electronically from your checking to your savings account. Reallyit's that simple. So if you want to save money and just can't seem to get startedit's time to change.

Swipe and Save

Come in today & make the difference count with Swipe & Save. Designate a current savings account or set up a new one. It is fast and easy—just like the savings.

It's All Electronic

  • Use your debit cardthe difference up to the next whole dollar transfers from your checking account to your savings account automatically
  • Receive an e-statement on the savings account
  • Track your savings with online banking & MCB Mobile
  • Save for fun, save for toys, save for vacation, save for Christmas, save for kids & grandkids, save for a causejust SAVE!
  • No fees on transfers

Swipe & Save Details

  • E-Statement only on designated savings account
  • All account owners must sign authorization to apply this feature to a checking account
  • If your debit card transaction is subsequently reversed or canceled, the corresponding transfer remains in the savings account
  • Transfer to savings will not take place if there are not sufficient funds in checking or if other items have caused the account to be overdrawn
  • Feature may be applied to multiple checking accounts linking transfers to a single savings account
  • Commercial accounts (including Small Business accounts) & MMDA accounts are not eligible for Swipe & Save
  • We may cancel the Swipe & Save service at any time

All savings account rules & fees apply regarding minimum balance & withdrawal limits as stated in Truth in Savings. See bank employee for account details. Must sign & agree to terms & conditions of online banking & E-sign agreement.

Questions or Comments?

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